Friday, 1 November 2019

How to protect your idea and invention

Imagine that you have thought of an amazing marketable invention idea. What is your next step? You are now faced with a lot of questions and dilemmas. To make any profit out of the invention, you must license this invention to a business that is often a distributor or manufacturer who will invest in advertising, selling, and mass-producing. InventHelp Patent But there is a risk when pitching your invention that it might get stolen or no longer be protected by any laws. In other words, the company to which you are pitching your invention could steal it without paying you a dime.
So how can you sell your idea without the risk of losing your rights? To protect your invention, people often consider these two common strategies. You can either file a provisional patent application, or you can use a nondisclosure agreement.

To learn more about these two strategies to keep your invention and idea protected from theft, then make sure you read our short guide.

File a patent application

What were some of the biggest tech breakthroughs in this century

It’s a well-known fact that the 21st century has been one of the most productive ones, with many technological advancements that changed the way things function. We, as a human race, always have to continue coming up with new things to improve and constantly move forward. If it weren’t for some ground-breaking inventions in the past, we never would’ve reached the point at which we are now.

With all of this being said, InventHelp Inventors we can already get a slight sense of how important inventions are, and how much we need to support people who make them come true. Today we’re talking about the most remarkable tech-breakthroughs in this century, so if you’re curious to learn more, feel free to continue reading until the end.

Here are some of the most important inventions of the 21st century

The evolution of technology in this era has been sped up considerably compared to the last few decades. We have come across many amazing inventions. These technological advancements have made our lives much easier, and they also been integrated as a part of our most basic needs. Communication with one another has become very efficient and convenient. There are some setbacks of this technology, InventHelp Innovation but these inventions have the world built around them.

Everyone wants to use these technological innovations. A black and white TV has now evolved into an LED technology with the ability to project images in 3d and now even in 8k resolution which is 16 times more than what we were used to just a few years ago. Maybe even the remote control will lose its use shortly soon, and we will have something even crazier to control our televisions.

It is not easy to pick the best technological advancements since there have been hundreds of amazing innovations in a time of just 2 decades. Views and opinions differ from person to person. We have considered what we think are the best technological inventions and have made a list.

Turn Your Idea Into A Product

You’re sitting in your room on your computer which was invented by great minds and the main source of light in the room is the lightbulb above your head. InventHelp Products The two things we mentioned are one of the greatest inventions ever made.

Both the lightbulb and the computer took ages before becoming the finished product. They both started from an idea and were slowly turned into what they are now.

Every person dreams of making an invention that will aid someone in one way or another. It takes a lot of hours brainstorming to even come up with something, let alone a finished product. So that’s why we’ve written this article to help you turn your idea into a product.

Patenting a Business Method

Patents are much more than just securing an invention for a physical product. Ideas, like a way to run a business or service, is also patentable under certain circumstances. It is especially viable to file a patent of a business method involves state of the art technology or software to go along with it.
Big Business Needs Big Ideas

While corporations would prefer any in-house means to formulate better business strategies, buying or leasing method inventions are common in this realm. InventHelp Patent The USPTO is quite strict about vetting business method patents so that they have tangible results, which is why purchasing the rights to these methods is quite secure.

Business method patents also must involve some sort of equipment, whether it is a new invention or not. This patent type does not include software, although software in combination with equipment and a method may be a part of the picture.

Can new inventions be useful for those who have mental health problems?

It is worrisome, of course, but did you know that one in four people in the world will be affected by some mental or neurological disorders throughout their lives? Or that 450 million people suffer from problems of this kind? Probably not.

But I guess these statistics will seem quite alarming. And it does not end there. Stigmatization and discrimination against mental disorders such as anxiety or depression cause many people not to receive the support they need to improve their lives. InventHelp Innovation According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately two out of three people with a diagnosed mental problem do not ask their doctor for help.

New Invention in health has the potential and ability to change the lives of those who must struggle with mental problems.

This leaves people in desperate need of help in a complicated situation. However, could technological and innovation advances not mean an opportunity to change their lives and, of course, their struggle?